Localized Cryotherapy & NormaTec Boots

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy is a way to reduce pains, aches, and swelling. It is a pain-free procedure that increases blood flow and lessens inflammation. If a patient is retaining fluid in their knee causing them pain, they can get localized cryotherapy to help that one specific area. Cryotherapy makes it easier to exercise and to recover from exercise, especially for those with chronic conditions and pain. There is no downtime caused by cryotherapy which is a major way it differs from other treatments. 

NormaTec Boots

Compression boots help to increase range of motion, circulation and oxygen flow, and decrease recovery times. They limit inflammation, and are good for patients who are struggling with an excess of fluid in their legs or those who put a lot of strain on their legs. Wearing NormaTec boots after a workout helps with exercise recovery.

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